Does Your Car Sound Like a Squeaky Toy?

Rely on us for brake repair services in Hampstead, NH

Leighton's AutoWorx provides brake repair and brake pad replacement services. We use only top-quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specification brake pads and rotors to provide you with the best possible service. The average cost for small SUVs is around $240, while truck brake replacements usually cost about $275. Whatever you drive, you can rely on us to restore your brakes to top condition.

Contact us now to arrange for brake pad replacement services in the Hampstead, NH area.

Signs you need brake repairs

Signs you need brake repairs

It's important to know the signs of malfunctioning brakes. If you notice any of the following, come to Leighton's AutoWorx for brake repair services right away:

  • Loud, squealing brakes
  • A felt difference in brake performance
  • You smell a burning odor when you brake
  • Your steering wheel vibrates when you brake

Our mechanics will repair your brakes for a reasonable price. Call 603-722-8024 today to schedule brake repair services in Hampstead, NH. We offer free no-obligation estimates.