Don't Put Off Routine Car Maintenance

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The last thing any driver wants is for their vehicle to overheat or break down while on the road. Prevent car problems from happening by keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance.

Leighton's AutoWorx provides routine oil change services. We'll make sure your car has new, uncontaminated oil that will provide enhanced efficiency and performance. You can choose from conventional and synthetic oil products.

Call 603-722-8024 today to arrange for an oil change in the Hampstead, NH area. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.

Top reasons to get an oil change

Top reasons to get an oil change

If you're a vehicle owner, then you likely know what an oil change is. But do you know why they're so important? Routine oil changes will:

  • Help you get better gas mileage
  • Keep your engine properly lubricated
  • Prevent friction from overheating your engine

If you've been neglecting the sticker in your car that says you're overdue for an oil change, it's time to come by Leighton's AutoWorx.

Contact us now to schedule your oil change service in Hampstead, NH. We offer drive-in service, but recommend calling ahead.